Client testimonials

Some of the comments I have received from clients

"Thank you Steve, for the patience and understanding you showed me when I was struggling to communicate how I was feeling" DG

"Just talking through things and issues really helped me and I felt so much better at the end of every session" GM

"It was just such a relief to offload, as felt like I couldn't to anyone else" anon

"Your approach to counselling Steve and the way you put me at ease was a great support, thanks" anon

"If your looking for a genuine, understanding, confidential and natural counsellor, Steve is your person, thank you for your support Steve, highly recommended" PB 

"Thank you Steve. You really were a Godsend. At the time I really wish I hadn't reached out for help but now I am so glad I did" IA 

"Talking really did help me and Steve made me feel so at ease and I felt like a weight had been lifted off

me each week" HD

" The room you work in really helped me relax and feel away from the rush and non stop life I lead. The time without distractions and the space you gave me to think, talk and reflect was precious. Thank you Steve" JW

"I was very nervous and didn't know what to expect but even online you helped me so much" anon