Life can be extremely difficult, and in these unprecedented times, it can feel even harder. Sometimes we all need to talk to someone in confidence, without feeling judged or afraid to do the wrong thing in case we upset someone, when really all we want to do is what is right for ourselves

I offer an initial free 30 minute consultation, where we can discuss what has brought you to counselling and what you hope to gain. It is also an opportunity for you to see if you feel comfortable with with me therapeutically. Following this, all sessions are 60 minutes whether face to face, online or walking.

 After every 6th session, there will be a review to allow us to discuss how you feel you are progressing and if you feel your needs are being, or starting to be met. It is not time limited; therefore, you are able to attend until you feel your needs are met.
If you do feel that you no longer wish to attend, it is important that there is an appropriate ending session, as this allows for a suitable conclusion to the therapeutic process.


Types of appointment 

Its your appointment, your choice of service

Face to Face

Face to face sessions will take place at a safe and convenient location in Preston with access to parking in a safe and welcoming environment


These sessions can be over Zoom, FaceTime or another convenient format and I would be in complete, confidential surroundings.

Walk and Talk

Walk and talk therapy is becoming increasingly popular.  Physical movement, exercise, and counselling can be great for your mental health – so why not combine them and do all at the same time?

Sometimes, sitting and focusing on your difficulties can make you feel more overwhelmed and stuck – at these times, it can help to get up and get moving. These sessions can take place at a quiet, local location.

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"We don't have to do all of it alone, we were never meant to". Brene Brown

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